kayla1.pngI am a graduate student at The New School Parsons interested in the development of design thinking among the growing human capital of the 21st century economy.

My interest in design emerged midway through completing my BS in Business Administration at NC State University. Having been interested in the arts since I was little, I decided to also pursue a BA in Design Studies.

Design Studies opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and collaborating with others. Working in teams of people with various backgrounds and collectively developing ideas is how I prepared myself for the vast world of business and international relations.

My experience with companies of various backgrounds including Moon Audio and Art2Wear has allowed me to expand my knowledge and adaptability. I wear many hats, taking on roles that most in the graphic design or website development field would not. Marketing is a role with which I am very familiar. I know how to research, communicate and adjust based off requirements.

Notable Experience:






Current Graduate Student – Design Studies – The New School Parsons

BS in Business Administration – Marketing – NC State University

BA in Design Studies – NC State University